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To celebrate ‘Exit Generation #1' now being available for mail order (& digital too) I’m throwing up the 4-page preview.  Hope you like it.  

Here’s the ‘pitch’;

It’s 2055 and Jack is bored.

20 years ago most of Earth’s population abandoned the planet in search of a less crowded place to live.  But rather than descend into chaos, the world they left became a paradise, free from poverty, war and crime.

In this utopia Jack spends his days hanging out with his friend Mo, and obsessing over action movies and punk records, longing for some real excitement.  But then a bunch of extra-terrestrial visitors arrive, and Jack’s wish is granted…

Exit Generation is a four part series telling the tale of one boy’s search for purpose against a backdrop of space aliens, big firearms and punk rock.

And go follow/check out/praise the madtalented team who were kind enough to make my crazy idea look awesome;

Artist: Caio Oliveira (‘No More Heroes’, ‘Super-Ego’)

Colourist/Cover Colours: Ruth Redmond (‘Imagine Agents’, ‘Revolutionary War: Dark Angel’)

Letters and production: Colin Bell (‘Dungeon Fun’, ‘Jonbot Versus Martha’)

Cover: Ramon Villalobos (‘LP’, ‘Vitruvian Underground’)

Editor: Adam P. Knave (‘Amelia Cole’, ‘Never Ending’)

Writer: Sam Read (well… this)



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