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MOON KNIGHT #6 ‘Easter Eggs’

WARNING: Master Craftsmen at work.

Hey, internet.

This is Exit Generation.

It’s a four issue comic series, featuring man-eating space aliens, folks with big guns and punk rock.  

So, basically all sorts of rad stuff,

Three issues are out now, and you can pick up the first of them FREE HERE.

If you enjoy that, or just prefer paper copies, you’ll find the rest of the issues HERE both in physical and digital formats.

A bunch of awesome people worked on this too, so you should check them out;

Writer: Sam Read
Artist: Caio Oliveira
Colourist (Issue One): Ruth Redmond
Colourist (Issue Two & Three): Marissa Louise
Letters and production: Colin Bell
Cover: Ramon Villalobos
Editor: Adam P. Knave

Hope you like it.  Tell your friends

- Sam Read - August 2014

bronzet-rex asked: Hi! Long time lurker, first time 'asker'! So, I just finished reading 'Words For Pictures' for the 2nd time since I grabbed it last week, and I just wanted to come here and say "thank you". I started making comics last year myself, and as it goes, have been learning slowly since. But the insights in your book have already positively altered my approach inside a week, and I'm really grateful for that. Please thank all the contributors too; their insights were fantastic. Thank you, Sam Read


thank you!!

and thank you everyone.  so many notes just like this one. i wish you all the best of luck on your creative quests.

Mr Bendis is kind enough to respond to my message; wadda gent.

Deer Editor Coming Soon to Kickstarter


DEER EDITOR is a 48 tablet page one-shot which you are going to need in your life. With art from Sami Kivela, letters from Nic J. Shaw, edits from Dan Hill, and words by Ryan K Lindsay, this book is dark and strange and completely what you want.


Bucky is the editor of the crime beat…

Boss team for what looks an interesting prospect; get tumbling this about the join, y’all!