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200 prints signed in 10 seconds by Disraeli Demon) for @okcomics

This great title (plus super cool exclusive OK Comics print; oh yeah!) is out 23/4/2014 - Get involved.

And if you want the special print (which comes gratis with issue one), pop on over to and they’ll sort you out.

'Ordinary' has never been so special.

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Preview is up for What If? Age of Ultron #2; The Secret Armour Wars!! 

This was a super fun book to colour! Not just cause it has mother lovin’ Ghost Rider in it!! (aaah such a cool character!) But also cause it’s the lovely Ramon’s first Marvel work! 8D Yay! 

Writer: Joe Keatinge
Artist: Ramon Villalobos
Letterer: ?? list letterers in previews yo 
Colourist: Ruth Redmond
Publisher: Marvel

In stores April 9th!

Pair of my super talented pals, Ruth and Ramon, team-up supercrew-style on this classy joint of a book.

Feast your eyes!  



Last weekend was Baltimore Comic Con, a show that was fairly pleasant by my standards and expectations of a comics convention. All in all it was a laid back, fun experience. A good time with friends and fellow creators and a good opportunity to talk to those of you who stopped by the table.

But towards the end of the show I had a couple of encounters that have got me thinking about what my expectations of a show are and how those have largely changed over the years. Granted I’m in a much better, slightly more privileged place these days, but it wasn’t so long ago that cons were a really torturous experience. I really do still understand what it feels like to attend a con hoping for a leg up, only to find yourself face down.

The conversations I had this weekend were with a few folks in that position. Some successful pros, others maybe not so fortunate yet. They inspired me to write down my thoughts on attending comics cons as a creator, which is something I’m really an old hand at. The philosophies I largely abide by are in a state of constant evolution. Honestly they’re the by product of far more error than trial.  But of late  they’ve really seemed to make attending conventions a much more rewarding experience and and have in no small way  been beneficial to the career I’m trying to build and art I’m trying to create.

So with that in mind here’s what this thing isn’t:

It’s not how to nail a portfolio review or get an editor’s email.

It’s not what magic pen to use in order to ink like Wally Wood.

It’s not how to get rich at a comics show.


If that’s the kind of stuff you want advice on there are plenty of better folks to get it from. What I have to say MIGHT lead you to people who do  know how to do all of the above and more. But I can’t promise you that. All I know is what has and hasn’t worked for me, and to some degree why. It should go without saying that ultimately it’s up to you to determine what that’s worth.

Still with me? Okay, don’t say I didn’t warn you…

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